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Bibliography of philatelic bulletins published on the territory of the Czech Republic after Jan. 1, 2001

by Lubor Kunc


Directions for use :

The bulletins have been splitted into territorial, topic, postal-history and others. The others means bulletins published by various philatelic clubs, by some of the commissions of Union of Czech (Czechoslovak) Philatelists or bulletins, which is unable to incorporate into the first three sections.

Alle bulletins have been listed as per the last valid name in alphabetical order

Information about every of them includes :

Last valid name, English description of the bulletin, previous names
1. Place of Issue
2. Publisher
3. Editor
4. Publishing period, date of publishing of first issue of first volume, number of issues per volume, type of publishing, size of paper of bulletin (A4 = 30 x 21 cm; A5 = 15 x 21 cm), number of bulletins issued until deadline etc .
5. Information about previous / next bulletin, attractions ....

The deadline for all information is July 1, 2002

This is enough for now, our trip to history of bulletins in Czech Republic can start ....


Lubor Kunc


If you have any comments or question, feel free to contact me by e-mail .

I. Teritorial bulletins :



II. Topical bulletins :




III. Postal history bulletins

Polní pošty

Czechoslovak / Czech Field Post Section



IV. Other bulletins

The bellow mentioned bulletins published by philatelic clubs are only examples of huge quantity of existing bulletins (there exists hounderts of such bulletins) !



I would like to use the opportunity to express my thanks to everyone, who has helped me with compilation of the Bibliography, without assistance of the bellow persons the work could never be realized .

L. K.

My „Thanks“ belongs to following coleagues

The End


This is a version of July 1, 2002



Important Information :

No part of the Bibliography my be reproduced or reprinted in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems without written permission of the author !


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